1/27 (Friday) Depart Chicago to Shanghai
1/28 (Saturday) Arrive in Shanghai
1/29 (Sunday) Go to dept store to buy supplies, short adoption preparation meeting
1/30 (Monday) MEET JOHN WESLEY @ approx 10:30am
1/31 (Tuesday) Complete adoption registration. (John Wesley is officially ours forever!)
2/1 (Wednesday) Chenghuang Temple and Yu Garden, Bund
2/2 (Thursday) Visit Shanghai orphanage. Visit John Wesley's finding spot.
2/3 (Friday)  Pick up passports and fly to Guangzhou
2/4 (Saturday) Medical exam and TB test, Visit Nanyue King Museum
2/5 (Sunday) Visit Lingnan Impression Park or Yuexiu Park
2/6 (Monday) Check TB. Safari Park
2/7 (Tuesday) US Consulate
2/8 (Wednesday)  Pick up visa, take van to Hong Kong
2/9 (Thursday) Depart Hong Kong, arrive home 5:11pm