Timeline To John Wesley

3/9/11 First saw "Alex" on Madison's Camp Rabbit Shanghai list. He is on hold for another family.

3/10/11 Receive an email that only has three words "Alex is available"

3/17/11 Inform Madison that WE WANT ALEX!

3/19/11 Contact social worker about homestudy and fill our forms for Madison

3/24/11 LOI sent to Madison

3/31/11 PA!!!

4/8/11 Homestudy visits #1 and #2

4/12/11 Homestudy visit #3

5/4/11 Homestudy visit #4

5/5/11 Adoption physicals

5/9/11 I797C Receipt Date (Sent in early due to Keith turning 18 during the adoption process)

5/16/11 Homestudy draft sent to Madison

5/19/11 Homestudy APPROVED by Madison
5/19/11 Receive fingerprint appts for 6/7/11

5/23/11 Home study arrived @ DSS

5/24/11 DSS approval of our home study

6/7/11 Fingerprints

7/7/11 Addendum sent to USCIS by our SUPER social worker

7/8/11 John Wesley's birthday 

7/11/11 Addendum sent to USCIS for Keith's clearances
 (No officer assigned yet. We didn't know our social worker sent a copy for us on 7/7/11. Have I mentioned she isAWESOME?)

7/12/11 Rec'd email from USCIS officer requesting the information we sent yesterday via overnight mail. They will have it today.

7/18/11  Called USCIS to inquire about our I800a status.  *APPROVED 7/11/11 (Not sure how but that is the date I was given today.)  *IT WAS A MISTAKE.  

8/1/11 Documents made their way to the courier!

8/12/11 Received our documents back from the courier.  


8/15/11 Documents to MADISON

8/16/11  Doctor's office made mistakes. We have to redo documents.

8/18/11  Documents corrected by doctor's office

8/19/11  Documents back to courier. Having them expedited and sending them straight to Madison.

8/25/11 DTC!!!!!!

8/30/11 LID :)

10/31 LOA  :)

11/4/11 USCIS Receipt 

11/21/11  I800 Approval

12/1/11 Article 5 Drop Off

12/15/11 Article 5 Pick Up

1/3/12  TA!

1/30/12  MEET JOHN WESLEY!! :)