Saturday, April 16, 2011

Daddy's Truck Buddy

When my husband was a little boy he spent his days working with his daddy and grandaddy on the farm.  We now live where the farm was at one time. Our home is built around the old farmhouse. We even reused the old screen door from the house.  Marty says every time it slams he is taken back to when he was a little boy. Some of  his fondest memories are of riding in the truck to "town" with his daddy and grandaddy or "going to sell hogs".  He loved going because he knew the ultimate reward of peanuts and coke were waiting in town or maybe an ice cream cone if they were going farther.

He would love nothing more than if our boys who are now 17 and 13 had ever been excited to "go to town" with him like he was when he was a child.  I told him this week that I think John Wesley is going to be a daddy's boy and will be excited to ride to town with daddy.  He just shrugged and said, "maybe".  Yesterday out of the blue he asked, "You really think he'll want to ride with me to town?".

Yes....I think he will. :)   I have a feeling he's going to be daddy's little shadow.  I'd love that. Nothing is sweeter than seeing a little boy in the auto parts store or Lowe's with his daddy.

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