Sunday, April 24, 2011

{Sunday Snapshot} His Hand

I know Sunday Snapshot should be of photos I've taken.  I will post Easter photos later.  This morning I would love to share more about John John.
Yesterday we were blessed with more photos of John Wesley. It makes my heart smile every time we receive a new one. Such a huge blessing for this impatient mama as we wait to bring our sweet boy home!
This time there were 10 new glimpses into his life while he waits for us.
We've been told he's the littlest and the youngest in his class. 

Wondering what the conversation between him and the little guy in orange was about. :)

Patiently looking on....

He'll fit right in......Pringles! :)

Here he comes....

There he goes...

One of the photos that really caught my attention didn't even show his face. It is a photo of him in a group of children. Their ayi is opening gifts this family brought with them. All that can be seen of John Wesley is his little hand resting on his caregivers knee.  It made me wonder how many times I will wash that dirty little hand. How many times will I kiss a boo-boo on that little hand? 
This morning I think of Mary....and how she could not kiss the boo-boos on her Son's hands to make them better.
So thankful for all He gave for me......and you. 

Sunday Snapshot

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