Monday, January 30, 2012

Meet our son!

We are absolutely amazed by the blessing we received today!  We went to the civil affairs office and filled out numerous papers and signed our names a dozen times.  Marty went downstairs to pay some fees.  The mom who was waiting with me for her son said, "I hear them!" and at that exact moment John Wesley walked through the door.  I exclaimed, 'That's my boy!"  He was far too busy to be bothered with meeting mama so he checked out everything and everyone in the room before I got to hold him.  He gave me a little piece of candy and said, "Mama!".  A couple of minutes later Marty walked back in the room and I turned toward the door.  John Wesley saw him and reached out his hands and said in the sweetest voice "Baba!".  The look on my husband's face was priceless.  He absolutely melted and has been playing all day with John.
A few things we know about our son.  He has amazing dexterity. He is hungry....constantly. He loves to play ball with daddy.  He talks to us a lot and seems to think we are pretty funny.  He is absolutely as cute as can be and he is far tinier than we had imagined.  The pants he came to us in are size 12 months and they keep falling down and he pulls them back up and keeps right on going.  He has an itty bitty foot.  Probably about a size 4.   I didn't bring any clothes that are going to fit him...atleast not any pants.  I brought some overalls so we are hoping he can wear them until we get to a place where we can buy him a few things.
He is sitting on the bed with his daddy right now repeating words from some Playskool flash cards.  He loves his toy cell phone and his beach ball the most so far.   And we......oh my but we are in love with this little boy!!  We are so blessed!!!


fivekidz said...

Oh sure here I am at work with tears in my eyes overwhelming...such happiness and joy for your entire family.the pictures are wonderful.enjoy And now you can RELAX Sharon it may have been a long trek but you definately came in first..peace and much happiness -Bonnie

Scott Ocheltree said...

Love the pictures. More Please! :-)

Seriously though, thank you very much for sharing this. Tina and I are melting here. So Very Happy For All of You! May John Wesley's transition continue to go smoothly.

kristin said...

Oh, congratulations! He's wonderful! He's absolutely adorable!

Jan said...

What a wonderful sight to see. . .John Wesley in Marty's lap! He is adorable just like we already knew. I am amazed at his size. Leiney Grace is doing great. I also will be doing some shopping as the 12 1/2 tennis show I brought is way, way too big! Haven't tried clothes on yet. Hoping they fit! Congratulations and praise God for these 2 precious children who are orphans no more! Jan

kimjax said...

Can this precious one get any cuter??!! So happy for you Sharon. I can't believe the day is finally here. Enjoy your time together - and the warm weather in GZ since you'll get there before me!!

Jennifer O'Cain said...

I'm so happy for you and Marty and so happy you had a great first day together!! He is such a precious little peanut and I can't wait to see him and Ellery together.

Shirley said...

Sharon! He's absolutely precious!! Oh my, how your family has been blessed! John Wesley has a FAMILY!!! SO happy for ALL of you! Enjoy EVERY minute!! Please keep the updates and pictures coming. I don't want to miss a thing! lol
Big (((hugs)))

Jenn said...

Oh my he is even cuter than his original pics :)love seeing Marty with his boy!

The Rylands Family said...

Sharon, what a treasure from heaven! That is the cutest face! LOVE THIS! Angie

Jason said...

Awesome!! What a great story and pictures. He looks so happy to be with his family, and we are so happy for you!! Enjoy the rest of your time in China!


gksmith96 said...

Congratulation! Oh my, he is adorable!!!!!- Exactly as I knew he would be! I am so happy for all of you!!! Love, Kim

Karrie said...

Yay!!! I'm so glad it is going so well Sharon!!! What a blessing!
And what a cutie your little guy is!!!
Congrats! You finally made it to your boy!!!!


The Greig Family said...

I feel so lucky to have come across your blog! Congratulations on your darling little boy. He is an absolute little treasure! We just received PA for our little guy and seeing these pictures gets me a little teary eyed! Enjoy the rest of your trip and may John Wesley transition with ease.


Heather said...

He is adorable Sharon...and everything looks like it's going great...I'm sure you are over the moon! He IS tiny...oh my gosh...he doesn't even look like he's 2. I have no doubt that he'll thrive in your family, and be growing out of clothes faster than you can buy them! Amazing pictures...and thanks for sharing with all of us back here at home!


Heather said...

Oh gosh...I'm scrolling through the pictures again...and am just laughing, because this time I noticed his shirt and what it look like it says!!! Oops! I'm sorry...time for some humor, after all the stress, right! (((HUGS)))

Dawn said...

He is here, he is here, PRAISE THE LORD, the child you were sure would never join your family is here.

I am so beyond excited for you. The song "That's What Faith Can Do" is running through my head right now. Your journey to John Wesley was a comeplete walk of faith and here he is. Gives me chills to know that we are walking a very similar path and that you will be praising with us this summer as we receive Aliyah!!!

What a mighty God we serve,may the rest of your travels be quick and everyone stay healthy so you may be joined with the entire family very soon!!!

Love ya girl!

Lisa said...

Hip hip hooray! Tears in my eyes over here. I can't wait for more pics.

More Kids 4 Me said...

Boohooing here like baby! PTL for your tiny one. :) Praying things continue to go well for you in China and for your kids at home.

We're gonna be needing about 1000 more photos of that A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E. child, so get snapping, woman. :):):)



Annie said...

Oh Sharon!!!!!!!! Praise the Lord!!h He is so faithful!!!!! WOW! John Wesley is just SO cute and it sounds like he is doing SO well!!!!!! Oh my goodness, I am just so thrilled for you sweet Sharon!!!! I cannot WAIT to meet him!

Our 7 Blessings from God said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!! Oh my goodness what a cutie pie!!! Love that picture of him & Marty:) So so happy for your family!! God is good!
Blessings to you & your family,

Shan said...

Oh, what a beautiful blessing! My children asked if I was okay. I can't help but cry tears of joy everytime I see one of these precious ones join their family.
Congratulations! Once again, God has shown His power and mercy! Praises to the Lord! John is precious!!!

Chris said...

he is just PERFECT
these family days are the greatest!!!
Hope all continues to go well
keep posting those pics, they are awesome
I can't believe how tiny he is:)

Paul Hurley said...

Congratulations to the Millender family! This is truly an amazing opportunity not only for your family but for John Wesley. To be accepted into a loving, caring, respectful family that will offer John every opportunity a child should have is a blessing in its self.