Thursday, January 12, 2012

More great news!

Not only did we get new photos of John Wesley we also found out today that another family will be traveling with us to Shanghai to adopt their son.  This mom and I have become quick friends and we have really been hoping we would travel together.  Our timelines have stayed so close  until here at the end. Some how we got about a week ahead of them. :(  But today we found out that not only will we be in Shanghai and Guangzhou at the same time but we are actually flying over with them!  YAY!!!

Kim, have you packed yet??   WE ARE GOING TO CHINA FOR OUR BOYS!!!  :)


The Martins said...

This is so great! I am so glad it works out this way even if I really wanted to travel with you!:)

kimjax said...

Kim J. is packed!!! I"m nesting - cleaning ceiling vents, ducts, cleaning out drawers...GET ME ON THE PLANE!!!! So happy you'll have company!! :) We have a group of 3 families as well - fun. Can't wait to see your pics!