Saturday, February 4, 2012

In GZ now

We arrived in GZ late yesterday evening and it is so good to be here!  WOOOOOO HOOOOOO!!!  :)  Warmer weather, no smog and familiar turf!  I'm one happy mama!

John had his medical exam today.  He weighed 22 lbs fully clothed including his shoes and after eating a big breakfast.  He did great during all of the exams and didn't cry when he had his TB test.  Such a happy little boy!  We are so blessed!

He loves the cartoons Pleasant Goat and one called Boonie Bears.   We bought him this little gun because it plays the Pleasant Goat theme song.  We may have to lose the batteries for it in the next few days just to give our ears a rest from it!  LOL


Jenn said...

LOL...we loose a lot of batteries at our house too:) John John looks like he is adjusting wonderfully. The girls both had great weeks at school from what I saw. They have been coming to school with Wavy hair because they sleep in braids and it looks so cute. We are loving the opportunity to follow along and see those adorable smiles and bright eyes and I must say seeing Marty smile with his baby boy is amazing. Looking forward to Thursday evening, praying you all will be able to enjoy your last few days in China

Jennifer O'Cain said...

John Wesley is just like I imagined, all smiles and a little peanut. He and Ellery are almost the exact same size! I think it'll be a hoot to get them together. I'm so happy things are going well and your in GZ, I know how great that feels. It's hard to believe y'all will be home in 5 days!!! Can't wait to see you and Jan and the kids.

Dawn said...

The home stretch now baby!!! I am soooo excited for you guys I can't hardly stand it!!!

Chris said...

Yayyy Sharon
it is so good to see you in GZ
that means it is all winding down!!!!
Is Richard your guide?
Say hi to him if he is!
Your little guy looks like he has been with you forever!!
How great is our GOD!!!

Lisa said...

I simply cannot stand his cuteness Sharon! Seriously, I have to leave my screen. It's unbearable. Happy travels lady! Thank you for the video, love the little emporer suit John Lai is in! xo

More Kids 4 Me said...

My word, I swear that child gets more A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E. with every post! And his Daddy? Is he just a wee bit smitten?? LOVE the photos of those two together! Your hubby is just glowing! A pregnant lady has nothing on him.

Now how about some photos of you with Mr. Adorableness???

SOOOO happy for you, sister!!

PTL for this amazing blessing!


Elaine said...

We brought home a Pleasant Goat toy...and you are SO right about losing those batteries:) Lily Rose still loves that toy and we've been home for 7 months. John Wesley is absolutely adorable!! We continue to pray for you as you finish your time in China.

Annie said...

Goodness, he is cute Sharon!!! I just cannot wait to see that sweet smile in person!!!!