Friday, January 6, 2012

It's Official

Yesterday we found out that we will meet John Wesley on January 30!  It's real, it's happening!  Our boy is coming home!

John Wesley's 7 & 8 year old sisters are extremely excited too!  I'm sure you're thinking "and why wouldn't they be with that sweet little chubby cheek brother coming home?".   Oh.....yeah......they're excited about him too.  The thing they are REALLY excited about is staying in their school's after-school program while we are gone.  Yep.  It is what has kept them going through all of these months and weeks of waiting and wondering when it would happen. I have been counting down the days until we depart and they have that they can stay after school.  <sigh>  Gotta love being 7 & 8.  ;)

They really are excited. We made this video when we told them our big news!

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Brett & Julie said...

So excited for you & we will see you in China!!!!!